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Areas of Giving and Serving


  • Sponsor a student from January-November; students tuition vary from $30-$75 per month  – this amount covers school supplies, uniforms, shoes, daily food, and in some cases transportation.


  • Feed a child for a month $30
  • Feed a child for a year $365
  • Feed 60 children for a month $1800
  • Feed 60 children for a year $21,600
  • Provide a Sunday meal at church  $100 one-time


  • Provide toiletry bags for families – $25 each
  • Send a team of medical professionals to provide training and check-ups for the local community
  • Send a team of dental professionals to provide training and cleanings and minor dental work
  • Send a team of vision specialists to provide eye exams and glasses for those in need.

Spiritual Development 

  • Provide a Spanish Bible for adults and children – $600-1,000 one time gift
  • Provide Bibles, Bible Study, and Sunday School Materials – $500
  • Sponsor a VBS for children – $1,000 (materials and food)
  • Sponsor one of the bi-annual regional Pastor’s Conferences (August & January) – $2,000 (Materials, food, lodging)
  • Sponsor a training event for Women, Children or Youth – $1,000  (Materials and food)
  • Provide a Biblical Institute Scholarship (seminary) for Church Leaders – $15 per month per student

Church & Community Projects

  • MNE monthly support/computer lab – $440/month (utilities, Internet and teacher)
  • Partnership with Hotel Colonial – 1,920/month
  • Community Needs – high priority projects identified by MNE leaders. Examples include building homes, planting gardens, building septic covers, and installing water filtration systems. $250-5,500

GLOW (Go Love Our World) International Organization is a 501(c)(3) organization registered with the IRS. All donations are fully tax deductible.

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