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Education Assistance Children living in poverty often cannot attend school due to the inability to buy uniforms and school supplies. GLOW partners with organizations to provide educational assistance for at-risk […]

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Nutrition Programs Families living in poverty survive on little food and suffer from inadequate nutrition. Feeding programs and dietary supplements can help provide a more balanced diet and aid in […]

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Teaching families and individuals about personal hygiene can help decrease the spread of disease and sickness throughout the community. GLOW provides dental supplies, hygiene items, and instructions on healthful living.

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Community Project GLOW provides funds and volunteer support for community projects where mission teams and the local community serve side by side on a high priority project. Examples include, building […]

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Short Trip Causes

Short Term Mission Trips Short-term mission trips offered through GLOW serve to cultivate ongoing leadership for the ministry, provide an opportunity for partners to meet people they are impacting, and […]

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GLOW believes that supporting local leadership in the spiritual development of the community is critical for sustained growth. GLOW develops opportunities for ongoing training in the areas of Worship, Bible […]

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GLOW develops partnerships with local and regional agency’s to offer medical care for communities with little to no access to basic medical care. Medical mission teams are needed to offer […]

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